10 good things happening in pakistan

Some of them are improving the world out of simple self-interest. And so far, the evidence is, legalization is working pretty well. Pakistan also holds the record of most people singing the anthem, simultaneously. But the best data we have is that wearing body cameras does reduce police use of force and complaints against them.

Sunlight is the best disenfectant. This was also the year that saw the largest purchase of energy storage in US history. These are not reports from environmental groups or even greentech investment funds.

Transparency is the key to change. It covers the area of approximately 12, acres. And, as Slate shows, quantitatively, this one is a big deal.

9 amazing things that happened in Pakistan in 2016

Finally, Will Be Seen as a Transparency Tipping Point The stories that drew the most outrage in my corner of the internet — outrage that I shared — were stories of police violence, intentional or unintentional, without proper accountability.

And even absolute numbers have dropped over the last 25 years. Just remember, the grime was there all along. In other words, if Daniel Pantaleo, the officer who used a prohibited choke hold on Eric Garner, had been wearing a body camera, he might have reconsidered his behavior.

During winter, a hundred thousand birds fly down to Haleji from the cold of Siberia, making it the largest bird sanctuary of the continent. Social media allows us to take issues that might once have been obscure, carried on the back page of one newspaper, and shine a glaring light onto them.

10 things you probably didn’t know about Pakistan

While there are many who are more than willing to give up on Pakistan, for those who wish to salvage and save it, there are enough factors in this country to keep them motivated with their cause.

The problem of police near-immunity from prosecution is even older. There is a huge amount of work left to do — but is the best yet in this measure. Their history goes back to BC.

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Oregon, Alaska, and Washington DC joined them in fully legalizing Marijuana in the election, while odd other states have allowed medical use or softened penalties for recreational use. Plenty of things are getting worse. File Along with this, Pakistan has one of the best trained air force pilots in the world.

The good news is radically under-represented. But I trust you can find lists of those pretty much everywhere you turn. These are financial analysts advising their clients on trends in the costs of energy — trends they see as upending the market.

Pakistan has the seventh largest collection of scientists and engineers. Renewable energy remains a tiny fraction of worldwide energy use.

It informs our opinions, our conversations, our votes. Pakistan is a beautiful country that has proven to be the epitome of resilience in the most difficult of times. A sunlight tipping point.

I want to take a moment to remind us, and to offer some perspective on the dark stories. And the Year that the First Legal Marijuana Stores Opened in Two States Colorado and Washington legalized recreational use of marijuana in the election, and opened their first stores in The debate has been loud, acrimonious, and sometimes downright nasty.Dec 13,  · 9 Good things about Pakistan happened in As reported by international print and digital media, Pakistan seems performing good in various.

Home All News Inspiring 10 Undeniably Good Things That Happened in The previous world record for most trees planted in one day wassaplings planted in Pakistan in – now. 10 things you probably didn’t know about Pakistan that can’t be fixed by what’s good about it. Pakistan is a beautiful country that has proven to.

What are some good things that have happened or are happening in Pakistan? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki.

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3 Answers. There are many great things happening in Pakistan simultaneously. 1. Freedom movements a).

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Baluchistan b). Sindh What are some of the good things happening in the world right now? Ask New Question. Still have a. We love Pakistan with all its craziness.

Here are some crazy things you will find Only In Pakistan. Have a good laugh! 1- Now, that’s really tactical. Dec 10,  · 10 Good Things That Happened in In lieu of this week’s “Actually Good Things That Happened This Week,” let’s look at actually good things that happened this year.

1. We may have.

10 good things happening in pakistan
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