Challenges of media women in nigeria

And it learned to manage its diamond resources well when those resources started flowing in. There are many causes of gender inequality in Nigeria.

It learned to survive under the shadow of apartheid South Africa. Studies show that African women-owned farms produce less than men-owned farms. Development communication as marketing collective resistance and spiritual awakening: However, the reform of the financial sector has strengthened public confidence in the banks especially and opened opportunities for our banks to extend their reach to other parts of the region.

Graphic, empirical or quantitative evidence strongly supports all of the above assertions. Some had little or no understanding of their neighbouring regions.


In this presentation, the point being made is that Nigeria is a country of great potentials, but Nigeria also has serious problems which can be effectively addressed.

Students at tertiary educational institutions often graduate into joblessness and low morale. And women stayed home without so much as a room of her own, her only fulfillment, the hope of bearing a son to whom she could pass on the notion of male superiority.

As I intend to argue in my presentation, nations are built by exemplary men and women and sustained by institutions that promote good governance and thus socio-economic development.

Nigerian Newsday Retrieved November 1,from http: Warriors Heart tells the story of Princess Ihuoma, the leader of Umuaku people, who though possesses spiritual powers bestowed on her by the gods of her land, is still regarded as physically weak to govern her people without the support of a male figure.

These girls were between 17 to 18 years according to a source. One cause of Nigerian crime is the drug trade, in which organized criminal groups in Nigeria are heavily involved. To understand the problems faced by the press in Nigeria.

Nigerians can write on Hubpages which is where this article is published. Within these countries, vicious networks of criminality, violence and drugs feed on disenfranchised populations and uncontrolled territory.

Mass communication review yearbook.


Political candidates found guilty of election-rigging should be punished more frequently and harshly. The greatest is the culture.

Challenges in Nigeria and Solutions on How to Resolve Them

So, they are a problem to the country because they lacked knowledge which they would have gained if they went to school Boko Haram. It is also intended to compare and contrast the level of freedom of information during the military era and in present democratic dispensation.

Television channels in the country should be used to educate the nation about corruption and how to stop it. The researcher want to know if the recent Freedom of Information Law in Nigeria has enhance the effectiveness of journalists and reduce the level of victimization, harassment, killing, kidnapping and host of others challenges facing media in the course of gathering and dissemination information to the general public.

Challenges facing women empowerment in contemporary Nigeria

Corruption is also rampant among Nigerian businessmen and woman. Public safety is the most fundamental responsibility of any state, and Nigeria has failed in this regard.Challenges and Prospects of Nigeria’s Development at 50 this paper will discuss Nigeria’s development challenges and prospects from a critical social analytical political economy approach.

must be developed, and this includes sports administration. Nigeria’s women must be integrated into power and reckoning on the basis of the. Jul 27,  · Portrayal and Participation of Women in Nigerian Media Ifeoma Amobi, PhD University of Lagos, NIGERIA The millennium declaration and MDGs opened a new door for the advancement of gender equality in the world.

CHALLENGES OF MEDIA WOMEN IN NIGERIA By ANIMASHAUN Rofiah, Olateju IFRA- Research Fellow, Peace and Conflict Studies Programme, Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria.

This International Women's Day, we asked some of the world's leading authorities on issues affecting women and girls worldwide to weigh in, share their insight, and propose solutions.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Camfed. Sep 03,  · Youth empowerment and initiative will improve life for all Nigerians. Nigerian government officials and other elites need to share power with the country’s youth and listen to young peoples’ ideas for how to better the country.

The young men and women of Nigeria are tomorrow’s elders and, if included, could transform mi-centre.coms: Significant advances have been made [41] in the area of women’s participation in governance, yet the political participation of women in Nigeria remains one of the lowest in the world.[42] Women’s participation in government is still below the 35 per cent stipulated in the gender policy.

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Challenges of media women in nigeria
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