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It is a universal phenomenon. This is not advisbale since the children in such marriage end up suffering because of the lack of basic needs.

Polygyny does not promise congenial atmosphere for the proper growth and development of children. Having this in mind, people will heavily suggest legalizing gay marriages as any efforts to the contrary will have the government denying basic human rights to the gay population.

At a personal level, any perceived reason may explain marriage, but at a social level, all societies sanction certain reasons and renounce others.

Marriage regulates sex life of human beings. Thus man was free to have as many marriages as he liked on the ground to get male children. As a result many people will look for love outside of marriage, which is a threatening factor by itself.

Thus, the author opines that early marriage should not be considered as sentencing the girl child to a life of poverty.

All the brothers work together because they have to support only one family.

Essay on Marriage: Meaning, Functions and Forms

Marriage in monogamy does not play part of income. They generally do not have a right to take decisions about their welfare; they have to depend upon their husband for fulfillment of their basic needs. In polyandry one woman is wife of large number of husbands.

Polygyny may be of two types: White argues that most countries have granted equal rights to all marginalized communities and women and homosexuals will be next in line. The second argument raised for this is that it is a critical contributor to moral degradation.

This drawback within gay marriage is the fact that legalizing them will in turn cause consistent moral degradation.

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The rules and regulations, which deal with regulation of sex life of human Classification essay on marriages, are dealt in the marriage institution.

It is a form of marriage in which one woman has more than one husband at a given time. The above discussion helps us to conclude that the boundaries of marriage are not always precise and clearly defined.

They are counted equal to men. Desire for male Child: Monogamy is a marriage between one husband and one wife.

In the monogamy the children are looked after with earnest attention of parents. Generally, polyandry is found in such areas which are situated far away from modern developed areas.

The society prescribes rules for prohibitions, preferences and prescriptions in deciding marriage. This stems from the fact that in some parts of the world, girls are married off at a tender age of 13 or 14 years.

They are visiting husband who visit the family for a specific period. In certain matters, sex particularly, co-wives have clearly defined equal rights. Increasingly, the perception is that gay couples cannot naturally procreate and they will most likely adopt children.

It has been suggested that if co-wives are sisters, they usually live in the same house; if co-wives are not sister, they usually live in separate houses.

In levirate the wife marries the brother of the dead husband. They advance that gender equality is a debate that has existed for several decades and it has finally taken root in many countries as laws are enacted to ensure parity.

Better Standard of Living: Marriage benefits like joint ownership as well as medical decision-making capacity are made well available across all couples.

Goode, the famous family sociologist has tried to combine the two objectives of marriage i. It not only has negative effect on the physical health but also on mental health of the woman. Polyandry not only avoids division of property but it also increases production in agriculture.

Under this system the parents of lower castes or classes want to improve their social status by marrying their daughters in the higher caste or classes.Methods of Classification and Division. To put ideas and scattered bites of information into a useful, coherent order you use the methods of classification and mi-centre.comon is the process of breaking whole into parts, and classification is the processes of sorting individual items into categories.

By breaking a large group into smaller. Meaning of Marriage: Marriage is the most important institution of human society.

It is a universal phenomenon. It has been the backbone of human civilisation. Human beings have certain urges like hungers, thirst and sex. Society works out certain rules and regulation for satisfaction of these urges.

Classification Essay Writing Tutorial The classification essay involves breaking down a larger, complex subject into smaller ones that make the subject easier to understand.

Gay Marriage Essay

Also known as the "division" portion of the essay, while it is somewhat different from the classification, both parts are equally important.

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Despite the fact that the world has made considerable strides in its move towards urbanization, some parts of the world have continually lagged behind and represent the areas where vices such as early marriages are rampant.

Marriage was something that Jane Austen believed should be carried out as a result Words: — Pages: 12 Division Classification Division Classification Essay 1.


Classification essay on marriages
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