Final exam study questions

Essay questions One of the most popular explanations of the rise and success of protest movements has been the "resource mobilization" perspective.

Select at least three distinct trends that you feel are important to describe what has been happening in American stratification.

Final exam study questions (Spring 2000)

In your examples, be specific about what resources contribute to what mobilization. What are some examples of successful uses of the legal route? Analyze one specific example of social movement participation and explain why it would not be a rational for a person to support that movement.

Give evidence or an example demonstrating each. What is the evidence of the decline of the success of the feminist movement in the last two decades? Plus, there is no registration: December 14, Explain how the "repertoire of contention" varies with the "cycle of protest".

Give examples of each strand of movement organization. Consider any three groups we have discussed thus far: The short essays are more specific, but they also are designed to test how well you can put together specific evidence with the more general sociological patterns.

Short essay questions preliminary: First, describe the changes over time. How did the different strands of organization, bureaucratic and collectivist, contribute differentially to these goals? The 60 questions in this Certified Nursing Assistant Exam Mode practice test have been divided among the domains, or categories, in the same way the actual CNA examination is constructed: Over the course of the debates that surround social movement protests, the issues often get re-framed from the original two competing positions.

Final exam study questions

What does the evidence in the civil rights movement suggest actually happens? What explains the decline in the use of a tactic? No two exams are the same! We want you to get off to a successful start in your new career as a CNA. Describe examples from the history of U. Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of lawsuits as an effective protest tactic.

You need to show that you can take a clear position, support it with as many facts and case studies as possible, and acknowledge exceptions to your argument.

Cite three specific examples from our case studies of a crucial role allies i. Give an example of each from four different social movements. Social movement organizations frequently arise from the remnants of former movements.

We wish you great success in your CNA career! Choose three issues we have discussed in different sections of the course e. Illustrate the role of this re-framing process in a specific case study and evaluate its importance for the eventual outcome of the conflict. What is the evidence that allies made the difference?

What are two advantages of a formal, more bureaucratic organization for a social movement? Evaluate whether these same themes are present in current popular culture and what effect that has on the validity of the theory that the origin of social movements is rooted in cultural supports.

Why are strikes and boycotts an especially difficult tactic to make successful? Use specific examples to illustrate your analysis. What are two possible solutions that movements can devise to counteract these "rational" tendencies to be a "free rider"?

For each, what larger social forces outside their immediate control have had the most impact on their relative position in American society? Describe the major differences in the operations of collectivist and bureaucratic strands of feminist movement organizations.

Evaluate how important internal divisions are to the failure of a social movement. In the upper left corner of your computer screen, you will see a numbered grid. With each question, the squares of the grid will turn green with your correct answers or red with the incorrect ones.

Provide at least two examples of how divisions threaten the success of a movement. Each time, the questions will be shuffled into a new order…as well as the four options. What is the problem with individual discontent as an explanation for the rise of social movements?May 17,  · Final exam study questions (Spring ) These are questions that have been used in exams in the past.

The reading and class discussion this semester will cover many but not all of these. i Final Exam Study Questions. Iterations – what are they and why are they critically important in design?

Reflection -- what is it and why is it critically important in design? Final Exam Study Guide – Health 9 The final exam is cumulative and will deal mostly with main points and some vocabulary.

The exam will consist of multiple choice, true/false, matching and questions for short answers. Be familiar with the following and you’ll do well. Chapter 1,2,3 Know the following components of health and an example. Final exam study questions (version: December 14, ) One essay and eight short essay questions will be randomly selected from the following questions.

The essays have no right or wrong answer. View Test Prep - Final Exam- Study Guide - Questions 1 - 20 Updated - AC Summer docx from COLLEGE OF at Georgia State University. English Final Exam.

This question editable English test is perfect for end of the year final exams and beginning of the year pre-assessment. This download is completely editable, and includes TWO VERSIONS of a question test, a comprehensive student study guide, and an answer4/5().

Final exam study questions
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