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All new buildings and installations on the Konkan Railway would be provided with rain water harvesting systems in future, it said. Delivery is within 12 hrs for Kolad-Verna, within 22 hrs for Kolad-Surathkal, which by road would take atleast about 24 hrs and 40 hrs respectively. September 16, Sign up to receive our newsletter in your inbox every day!

The benefits of the service were becoming palpable to those who started availing it. Add to this huge tolls that need to be paid and other permit fees. Of Course Railways will charge a fee for this service. He said that at Konkan railways roro, only Konkan Railway runs this service, while others are contemplating its introduction.

On the Kolad-Verna route, 15 metric tonnes of load costs Rs 4, with every additional tonne costing Rs ; on Kolad-Suratkal route, 15 metric tonnes costs Rs 6, with Rs for every additional tonne.

If vehicle Konkan railways roro have an alternative option RORO then it will increase competition and will keep toll rates in check. All other savings like toll etc extra. Following the success of this project, more such organic waste converters and bio-digesters are in the pipeline, the release said.

A scheduled service will offer assured pick-up and delivery of trucks within specified timeframe and a maximum of 25 hours, he said adding the facility will benefit regular freight movement between Mumbai and Mangaluru region along the Konkan Railway route.

While transportation of cargo freight by train is fast and cheap, at times it is not convenient. All kinds of goods are transported, including perishable ones but excluding inflammable items like petrol," Telang said.

Benefits of RoRo is social as well as economic in nature. Sanjay Gupta, chairman and managing director, KRCL said efforts are being made to encourage transporters in Mangaluru region to utilise the scheduled service for it benefits both KRCL and transporters alike.

Driving a truck long distance is a costly affair- lots of money is to be spent on diesels, tyres wear out due to bad roads, other vehicle parts may break down or need replacement faster, drivers face fatigue driving continuously and face risk of accidents. When transporters are assured of fixed departure and arrival of RoRo service, it will encourage them to utilise the service more.

Drivers can simply relax as their truck moves on the train. This has also increased the number of trips undertaken to transport goods and enhanced the value of their assets," he added. With as many trucks being transported on train, it leads to decongesting the busy national highway, reduction in number of accidents and also giving much needed breather to drivers from the strain of continuous driving.

While print advertisements were given in all language newspapers, posters were pasted at all dhabas on National Highways that are visited by truckers. A reflection of its popularity can be gauged from the fact that against an average of 1. KRCL incidentally made 81 trips carrying trucks in earning a revenue of Rs 0.

Rs 10 per km approx- a truck usually moves 3km per litre of diesel, which is Rs 50 per litre or Rs 16 per kmso RORO is outright economical. Which is very competitive. This technology utilises 70 per cent less water compared to manual cleaning system.

The other benefit to transporter is reduced wear and tear of their trucks and substantial savings in terms of fuel, he surmised, adding transporters could get in touch with KRCL offices for details. Fleet owners were contacted and apprised of the benefits of the service. It is a brilliant concept executed by Konkan Railway.

During the initial years of the train operations by Konkan Railway on its route, the freight traffic was very meagre.

At the destination, truck can be driven off the train and driven straight to final destination. This week I got to see them in action. It has also resulted in reduction of road accidents on NH 66," he said. June 04, The Indian Railways is considering adopting this technology too, considering the huge benefits in terms of economy as well savings in water and energy.

Konkan Railway has two such plants on its route and each plant saves nearly 10 million litres of water annually. The concept is now being emulated in the Indian Railways. If railways can charge less than Rs then it is great deal for vehicle owners.

Konkan Railway

Driver fatigue, wear n tear etc extra.Roll on – Roll off (RORO) Service. Konkan Railways’ novel experiment with `Roll-on Roll-off’ of trucks over BRN wagons has been a resounding success.

Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd (KRCL) is making all out efforts to woo transporters from this part to use its Roll-on-Roll-Off (RoRo) services by enco.

Konkan Railway's unique RO-RO service set to complete 15 yrs on Republic Day

Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd. the Sky Bus and RORO are a few of the innovations from Konkan Railways. RORO. Trucks on train, RORO.

Konkan Railway’s RORO saves 750 lakh litre diesel

RORO means Roll-on/roll-off, where loaded trucks are directly carried by railway wagons to their destination. Konkan Railways passes through tough terrains of India.

There is NH passing through same Headquarters: Navi Mumbai. RORO stands for Roll On, Roll OFF. It is a brilliant concept executed by Konkan Railway.

I had heard about this earlier but hadn’t seen in. Konkan Railway Corporation’s Roll-on Roll-off (RORO) service where trucks ride piggy-back on specially designed BRN wagons has transported more than five lakh trucks since the beginning of the.

Inthe corporation introduced the Roll-on/roll-off (RORO) service, a unique road-rail synergy system, on the section between Kolad in Maharashtra and Verna in Goa, which was extended up to Surathkal in Karnataka in Indian Railways; Konkan Railway Corporation; References.

Konkan railways roro
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