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Me and My Big Mouth!: Your Answer Is Right Under Your Nose

I made the decision that I would only speak life, hope and faith in our home. I was 18 and he was I was weighed down with guilt, shame and grief. It was when we returned to Australia that cracks began to form in our relationship.

I packed up my things and took the children and we moved in with a man that I knew from work. Growing up in this environment, even though times were often tough, there was no question in my mind that God was real, that he loved me and that he would provide for me.

God is faithful, his word is true and his grace is for everyone. Instead, readers watch as Janie and Zack are bullied constantly, and they have to earn in a sense the admiration of those who bully them. After a few years in New Zealand, Jimmy and I decided to go back to Australia for a Me an my big mouth working holiday to try and make some extra money.

As the pressure mounted, we were ill equipped to deal with it. Through the darkest time in our life we had not been going to church with any regularity. As the middle child of seven children I was a quiet and timid little girl and the move to Australia was challenging for me.

Housing interest rates had begun to climb at an alarming rate and the bills began to mount up faster than we could deal with them.

Me an my big mouth was struck by the devastating consequences that his choices were having on the people that he loved the most in the world. Every day as I read my Bible and worshipped, I cried.

At first, they were tears of grief but over time they became tears of gratitude. My parents had relocated back to Auckland and shortly after we married, we moved to New Zealand to live near them.

I covered the walls of our home, including the bathroom and the back of the toilet door, with Bible verses and let them sink deep into my heart.

Jose, though an obnoxious bully at the beginning of the book, has his flaws but I can also see that those flaws probably stem from home problems. Jimmy and I had an amicable and healthy relationship and the older children saw their dad regularly.

One morning Kym got up early to have a wash and a shave outside, as we had no bathroom in the garage, and he broke down. While Zack is the main character, my two favorite characters were Janie and Jose. The book has several characters that you would see any day in any middle school.

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All four of the children are married and we have 10 incredible grandchildren whom we adore. It never ceases to amaze me how he transformed someone who was broken, timid and shy, into a strong, brave woman of faith. What I did not realise was that prior to our marriage Kym had also accumulated a significant amount of debt that remained unpaid.

We enjoyed our time in Australia and when we returned back to our home in New Zealand we found it hard to settle down.

Over the next few years I went through a journey of healing that included Bible College studies, training to become a counsellor and tears; lots of tears.

Within a few months I had left him and was living in temporary accommodation. I especially appreciated a diverse cast of characters.

Me and My Big Mouth!

We hit it off immediately and began dating. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand. The early years of our marriage were good.

Me and My Big Mouth

Kym and I have now been married for 34 years and are so proud of the family that we have created. The more God transformed my heart and mind the easier it became for me to see the beautiful qualities that my husband had.

I knew that I needed God and so I swallowed my pride and went back. I loved working there but my greatest dream was to be married and have children. That was a big mistake. On more than one occasion I remember answered prayers for grocery money coming in the form of an envelope in the mailbox or a surprise gift of cash from a friend.

Lu’s Story – Me and My Big Mouth

I have learned that even when it feels like you have lost everything that it does not have to be the end. Whenever I heard someone say my name I expected bad news.

I knew that I needed to break the cycle of hopelessness and not stay a victim of my circumstances.A significant turning point for me was when I read Joyce Meyer’s book ‘Me and My Big Mouth.’ This book reminded me of the power of the words that I was speaking over my life, my family and my.

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Gina said: This is a book everyone should read. Anything that offends God in our conversation nee /5. Titled "Me & My Big Mouth" and scheduled to take place over the next four weeks, Stanley preached the first part of the series on Sunday.

The first sermon in the series looked at Jameswhich reads, "My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be.

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Me an my big mouth
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