Multinational capital budgeting case 18 alaska oil company

The revenue derived form this sources is in respect of fees paid by individual for the provision of services and the granting of privileges by the government.

Interest and repayment state government Interest and repayment State government: In order to answer the questions about potential assets, there are a set of components to be considered in the capital budgeting process.

There will be a review of recommendations that could assist financial analysts with conducting a cost benefit analysis and reviewing cash flow from the perspective of the parent corporation and its subsidiaries.

Financial regulations, financial legislations and the constitutions of the federal republic of Nigeria from the bedrock for revenue mobilization and expenditure. Although the theoretical approach is a sound process, many multinationals tend to evaluate their projects from both the parent and project point of view because of the combined advantages.

This represents the interest and payment of loans to state government.

Tax collation agents debit 5. In other words we are looking at returns or yields from any kind of property which is directed which is directed to government or public coffers.

Multinational Business Finance Research Paper Starter

Some of the advantages of this practice include 1 adding the subsidiary to project cash inflows and discount, 2 discounting the subsidiary at some other rate, Rent on government property 8.

Recognize money reimbursed to parent company when there are differences in the tax system The way in which the cash flows are returned to the parent company has an effect on the project.

The way the project is analyzed is dependent on the type of technique utilized to report the consolidated net earnings per share. They may look at the net impact of the project on their consolidated cash flow or they may treat the cash flow on a stand alone or unconsolidated basis.

The chief financial officer CFO may lead a team of financial analysts in determining which projects deserve investment. In order to comprehend what public revenue is all about, brief explanation is done below. These are listed and as well explained below.

Licenses and internal revenue: So many multinational companies found Nigeria with her teeming population and abundant natural resources, a very fertile ground for operations.

Most of the literature discusses how the capital budgeting process operates in the traditional, domestic environment. Earning and sales fees: Unlock This Study Guide Now Start your hour free trial to unlock this page Multinational Business Finance study guide and get instant access to the following: There were equally several amendment and laws which were put in place to encourage these companies towards a favourable operation and investment in Nigeria.

The finance team is charged with evaluating 1 which projects would be good investments, 2 which assets would add value to the current portfolio, and 3 how much the organization willing to invest into each asset.

This must be collected and used to serve the entire citizenry. Miscellaneous Their explanation in details are below: Such revenue are mainly for the provision of social economic development. The function which government must perform can only be discharged with resources in the from of money.

Licenses and internal revenue 4. Initially when companies started their operation were in the country they were granted income tax relief industrial development ordinance To do this, an organization undertakes capital budgeting; a process that frequently involves conducting a cost-benefit analysis.

Direct assessment tax 4. The sources of federal government revenue form fall into twelve major revenue heads. Three major revenue heads make the federation account already detailed.

Some countries may impose limits on the amounts of funds that subsidiaries can pay to their foreign parent company in this form.CASE18M Student Version ALASKA OIL CORPORATION Multinational Capital Budgeting This relatively difficult case illustrates several aspects of the capital budgeting process in an international setting.

Click on the Case 18 tab to. North Sea Oil has compiled the following data relative to current costs of its basic sources of external capitals, -term - Answered by a verified Business Tutor Capital Budgeting Case A company has a capital structure as follows.

What problems arise when a multinational company operates in a country whose currency is not convertible? Briefly describe special problems that occur in multinational capital budgeting and describe the process for evaluating a foreign project.

Mini Case: 17 - 18 Mini Case: 17 - Title: Multinational, Instructor's Manual Subject.

Multinational Capital Budgeting Case 18 Alaska Oil Company. Capital Budgeting Case Learning Team A QRB/ Quantitative Reasoning for Business July 29, Dr. Larry Olanrewaju Capital Budgeting Case Our Company has the opportunity to obtain another corporation.

We have to choose between two companies, Company A or Company B. PROECT TOPIC: AN INVESTIGATION INTO THE IMPACT OF THE MULTINATIONAL OIL COMPANIES TOWARD THE NIGERIAN PUBLIC REVENUE includes abstract and chapter one, complete project material available.

Capital Budgeting frameworks for the Multinational Corporation Article (PDF Available) in Journal of International Business Studies 13(2) ยท June with 1, Reads.

Multinational capital budgeting case 18 alaska oil company
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