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The government wanted industrial growth, peace in the nation thus strengthening the country and army however they faced opposition from radical political groups such as the SR and the Marxists and more moderate political groups such as the liberals, this opposition was known as russification.

It was his lack of military experience that had devasted the Russian army, not a weakness in his character. While many would think a large country would be an advantage, with an outdated Nicholas ii essay and economic system, defending and controlling it were very difficult with their major cities at risk in the West and difficulties in defending the coastline.

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A leader of the people would have foreseen the shortage of food, because Russia was known for its extreme cold Winters. Finally, Russia was indebted to France after successive loans which affected their foreign policy as they were essentially being held to ransom by the French.

This is why Lenin — who promised the people bread, peace and land was able to get such a large following in such a short period. The railways which transported the food froze. He emancipated the serfs, giving them greater freedoms. For that reason living and working conditions were very bad.

His epathy further allienated his people. There were other very big factors that contributed to the revolution that the Tsar had little do to with. However, even before he was made Tsar, Nicholas lived the life of an idle socialite.

This damaged Russias morale. To conclude, Nicholas II suffered mostly because of the mistakes of the previous Tsars. He ascended as an autocrat, but the autocracy in Russia was becoming outdated and the position was unable to cope with a modernising country, especially with it now being occupied by a weak man.

Disease was widespread and living conditions for them were poor. This coupled with an outdated autocratic system meant that Russia and Nicholas II were ill prepared to deal with the demands of its people meaning that the political system was dangerously on the verge of collapsing due to the changes in the social structure of Russia during the 19th century.

Unfortunately this did not go as planned, and Russia was defeated. The political system had lost much credibility due to the failure of reforms and the unequal social structure meant that increasing numbers of peasants were disenchanted with the way that they were being treated, leading to social tensions.

Indeed this was a result of his political naivete. He was also the Procurator of the Russian Orthodox Church; the Church had significant influence in the governance of Russia and was opposed to significant reform.

Also, an increasing number were moving to cities so communication between them and the peasants on their land was difficult. More essays like this: Alexander II began to crack down on the revolutionaries with violent force resulting in further discontent.

If he did manage to keep a united upper-class, the revoultion could have been avoided. While perhaps it is no fault of the Tsars that Russia is such a large country, it can be said that their economic policies hampered modernisation of the transport and industrial system.

The middle classes were far smaller and were made up of professionals such as bankers and merchants who were in privileged jobs and cultural life. He didnt realize the extent of the situation.

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Russia was an overwhelmingly rural country and as such was an agricultural based economy relying on production and exports to survive. Although they had lost the war, Nicholas as a leader had stepped up and tried to make his country victorious. So, Nicholas II inherited an effectively outdated Russia struggling to modernise.

This meant that life was hard for them as they struggled to provide for their families; especially during bad harvests many were poor and uneducated. There were massive socio-economic changes taking place.

Nevertheless, Russian citizens seen this as another failure in their leader, as they suffered more losses than any other country.

She Nicholas ii essay the right and the strength not to want to be the eternal handmaiden of states which are more developed economically. Because of this long running autocratic rulership, and the unfairness which came along with it, people were at their wits end and grabbed onto the first opportunity they saw as a chance at democracy.

His fatal decision to go to WW1, was a strong cause of the revolution. As he had never taken a liking to political affairs, he was underprepared to take the throne.

The implications of this were not fully understood, Alexander II began a reform which frequently stopped and started, in fact making political and social tensions worse. Having seen what happened to his father when he tried to reform, Alexander III did not want to concede anymore power and in fact begun taking it away by removing power from the zemstvos and instituting policies of one language and nationality, being Russianwith minorities having this imposed upon them.

The Winter of was a difficult period for the people of Russia. Russia is an independent and strong power. People were hungry and angry.Tsar Nicholas II essaysThe Tsar of Russia was a position that required leadership skills, good decision-making ability and an aptitude for hard work.

Although Nicholas II possessed some skills that would be advantages to this position overall he was not suitable to be the Tsar of Russia. Nicholas I.

Tsar Nicholas II

Describe the Russia that Tsar Nicholas II Inherited Essay Sample. On the 1st of NovemberTsar Alexander III of Russia died of nephritis. Upon his death, his son Nicholas assumed the throne, becoming the Tsar of the Russian people being known as Nicholas II.

While the names may suggest that Nicholas I was the father of Nicholas II, Nicholas I was actually Nicholas II&#;s great granduncle. The summarized history of their terms below will tell of and compare the Nicholas&#; reigns of.

Tsar Nicholas II was rightfully blamed for his downfall in March His revolting actions resulting in detrimental impacts on Russia made him solely to blame for his abdication. Essays: Nicholas Ii of Russia and early Defeats economy was the most pivotal factor, the Duma’s creation of an alternative government during the revolution was another catalyst that pushed Nicholas to abdicate the throne.

- Alexander II was the oldest son of his father Emperor Nicholas I.

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Alexander II was born in Moscow, Russia on April 29, and died on March 13, From a young age, Alexander was being prepared for when he becomes emperor.

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