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However, a great deal of information about the early Earth has been destroyed by geological processes over the course of time. Organisms clearly owe their origin, metabolism, and many other internal functions to chemical phenomena, especially the chemistry of large organic molecules.

Sometimes changes from one generation to the next can give individuals an advantage. The most common argument in support of viruses as living organisms is their ability to undergo evolution and replicate through self-assembly.

Organisms are complex systems of chemical compounds that, through interaction and environment, play a wide variety of roles.

Organisms are semi-closed chemical systems.

Dictionary definitions can be broad, using phrases such as "any living structure, such as a plant, animal, fungus or bacterium, capable of growth and reproduction".

In fact, viruses are evolved by their host cells, meaning that there was co-evolution of viruses and host cells. This energy is derived from metabolic pathways. Here are possible ways to research the topic: In this sense, they are similar to inanimate matter.

Response to external and internal stimuli such as changes in temperature, pH or nutrient levels. Search key words might include phylogeny, phylogenetic, and genetic analysis.

Its cofactors reveal dependence upon transition metalsflavinsS-adenosyl methioninecoenzyme Aferredoxinmolybdopterincorrins and selenium. Evolution of the organism - Evolution is simply heritable change over time.

Martinby genetically analyzing 6. Although viruses have a few enzymes and molecules characteristic of living organisms, they have no metabolism of their own; they cannot synthesize and organize the organic compounds from which they are formed.

Inthe J. Structure and Function- Describe the structure and function of at least one major organ system of the species e.

Organism Profile

Prokaryotic cells lack a nuclear membrane so DNA is unbound within the cell; eukaryotic cells have nuclear membranes. Most likely, these genes were acquired through horizontal gene transfer from viral hosts.

Sequence comparisons suggest recent horizontal transfer of many genes among diverse species including across the boundaries of phylogenetic "domains". Specifically a trait that increases reproductive success or survival ability could be advantageous. Thus a sequence of DNA codes for a Organism profile protein that, due to the chemical properties of the amino acids it is made from, folds in a particular manner and so performs a particular function.

For branching of Bacteria phyla, see Bacterial phyla. Ina paper in the scientific journal Nature suggested that these 3.

Naturally, this rules out autonomous reproduction: However, it was found later that the genes coding for energy and protein metabolism have a cellular origin. Nucleic acids specifically deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA store genetic data as a sequence of nucleotides.

In addition to your summary, include any interesting patterns or unknown data. Organism Organism Profile Assignment Instructions: Therefore, if your organism has a particularly interesting aspect about its biology that is not covered in the life cycle, structure and function, and evolution add a section to your paper on that aspect.

Metabolism, including taking in raw materials, building cell components, converting energy, molecules and releasing by-products. Cloning is the subject of much ethical debate.Apr 29,  · By Dana Scientific Name: Homo sapiens sapiens scholasticus Alternate Name: The Undergrad / The College Student Nutrition: The undergrad feeds on cup noodles, caffeine, and Wikipedia articles.

Habitat: The sapiens scholasticus can be found on every continent. They are assumed to be immune to extreme temperatures.

Organism Identification, Bacteria. TEST: Test number copied. CPT: Print Include LOINC® in print Share. Organism ID, Bacteria: Reflex Table for Organism ID, Bacteria Order Code Order Name Result Code.

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Organism Profile My organism spiecies is the Aloe Vera. Assignment Instructions: You will write an organism profile based on literature researched about your chosen organism. Organism Profile Assignment Instructions: You will write an organism profile based on literature researched about your chosen organism (Box Jellyfish).

Research should come from scientific information on the internet and research articles at the APUS library/5(K). SCIN Organism Profile Island Grey Fox Shelton Woolever Where can you find the fox? Common Names and the Scientific Name Why did I .

Organism profile
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