Poor educational standard and bad matric results in south africa

However, despite the dismal results which saw the Eastern Cape again occupy the bottom rung out of the nine provinces, Makapula said that despite challenges, progress was being made.

Lovemore said that it is essential to consider the quality of the matric pass, and not just the number of passes. It should be noted that learners who work with dedication usually improve their chances of avoiding failure and achieving success.

The Grade 6 assessment showed that only one in learners in township schools was adequately numerate, compared to over 62 percent in former model C schools SIARR, This same group forms part of the matriculants ofand their poor numeracy proved an accurate predictor.

But most of them are likely to have dropped out due to poverty, pregnancy and the lack of a culture of learning in some communities. It is crystal clear that there are disparities in the quality of education that township and former model C schools receive.

Makapula, speaking at a briefing at the Education Leadership Institute in East London on Wednesday, said the provincial pass rate was a major setback and called for an urgent, honest and systematic introspection.

Pass rates generally give us a global picture of the country or a province, but we need to know more. Theuns Eloff, former vice-chancellor at North-West University, said that the matric pass rate which increased from No transformation of South African education can take place without dedicated, hard-working, motivated and well-educated teachers.

More than 90 of these were former Model C schools. Byonly scholars registered for the matric class. By the same token, we must continue to assess at other levels, and publish these findings.

And who knows where we will go to from there? However, 12 years on, this is not the case. The three worst performing districts included Lady Frere, which regressed from Inthe pass rate was Over the next few days, weeks and months the question for the country should not be how to increase the pass rate in by 2 percent, but rather how to increase the pass rate by 10 percent over 10 years, and by 20 percent over 20 years.

Conversely, the majority of poor pupils attend poorly-resourced township and rural schools, which are not capable of providing education to a satisfactory standard.

Unfortunately, outcomes-based education OBE has not been as successful for the vast majority of our learners who are both disadvantaged and relatively less resourced than their counterparts in model C schools.

These schools lack resources and are unable to produce learners who can compete with those who come from former Model C schools.

But despite the matric pass rate also being at its lowest in six years, Makapula said that on the bright side, the department had reworked its learner support strategy and in addition had launched a Matric Countdown support program in Butterworth early last year.

The high drop-out rate from Grade 10 is a great concern indeed. Of those who passed, only achieved a university entrance. We must hold teachers accountable for high standards, but at the same time we must improve their working conditions, which are often very difficult in township and rural schools with large classes, inadequate staff rooms, and too little in-service training.

Eastern Cape students obtained a The top performing districts for included Cradock with a pass rate of Minister of Basic Education Angie Motshekga will announce the national and provincial matric pass rates on 5 January Many well-off pupils attend former Model C schools, which are still well-resourced.

As a result, over 40 percent of learners never reach matric and are not even part of the poor examination results SIARR, When the matric class started grade one inthere were 1, pupils.South Africa’s matric results are a poor indication of the state of South Africa’s education system, and have previously been described as an illusion and even a fraud.

The Matric Results Debate: Transforming Our Education System

Minister of Basic. South African Matric Pass Rate Masking Poor Education? Non-governmental organisation Equal Education has called for a greater emphasis on primary school education, saying "the matric pass.

South African Matric Pass Rate Masking Poor Education?

be considered when the majority of those learners who pass matric do not meet the minimum requirements for university entrance. In addition, of the number of learners enrolled in grade The Failing Standard of Basic Education in South Africa unacceptably low exam results or to improve the standard of teaching.3 The quality of education.

Poor educational standards and Matriculation results in South Africa- A Case Study Introduction Poor educational standard is an issue which has been discussing globally. Matriculation is an important stage in the educational life of a student.

Improving Education Quality in South Africa Servaas van der Berg Stephen Taylor Martin Gustafsson Nicholas Spaull early secondary phases leads to substantial drop-out prior to the standardised matric examination, In order to achieve educational progress South Africa needs an institutional structure.

The Matric Results Debate: Transforming Our Education System Wednesday, 3 March, - The majority of poor pupils attend school in the rural areas and townships in South Africa.

Poor educational standard and bad matric results in south africa
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