Significance of the study dengue

The present implications of this study suggest that disease prevention and surveillance measures should focus on the temperature six months prior to determine the risks of increased transmission for the present time. There was a negative correlation between precipitation and morbidity with a correlation value of.

The estimated population for each geographical unit included in the study was then calculated using the extract method included in the R 49 raster package It canprogress into deadly hemorrhage.

First, the model with a time lag of six months was statistically significant with an F statistic equal to 3. Bull World Health Organ. On a broader scale, the researcher can elaborate on how the work might impact laws or policies and how it shapes an understanding of the world.

How Does One Write the Significance of a Study?

Anti-dengue IgG is detectable at low titer at the end of the first week of illness, and slowly increases. It is therefore assumed that a time lag of at least eleven and perhaps as much as eighteen days will be found. None of the patients in either group developed Clostridium difficile infection.

Data Availability All relevant data are within the paper. To test whether precipitation as the only independent variable would create a better model, regressions were run of precipitation against morbidity lagging the variables up to twenty-four months.

There was no visible relationship between morbidity and temperature over time, nor was a temporal relationship taking time lags into account apparent Graph 4. Primary versus secondary dengue infection can be determined using a simple algorithm. Results of Thesis 3: Based on the data collected, malaria form 2 was filled in and a blood smear test was conducted to rule out malarial fever.

Serums, blood on filter paper, and saliva but not urine are useful for IgM detection if samples are taken in convalescent phase of illness Vasquez et al. All dwellings of each block were thoroughly checked by workers on the specified day.

The implications of global warming on dengue transmission has been modeled by Martens et. A variety of different commercial kits is available with variable sensitivity and specificity. The objectives of A.

Research by Koopman et al. Clinical characteristics and risk factors for concurrent bacteremia in adults with dengue hemorrhagic fever. Consequently, the expected number of dengue reports E. Furthermore, only laboratory-confirmed cases of dengue were included in the study.

To reject the null hypothesis that there was no statistically significant relationship between incidence and the weather variables, the p-value had to be. A door-to-door search active surveillance was performed by field staffs, health inspectors, and village health nurses during their field visits.

Funding Statement The author s received no specific funding for this work. Over- or under-reporting of the onset of fever prior to admission could in turn affect the number of patients found to have prolonged fever.

What are the types of dengue fever?

Neither the model nor the independent variables were statistically significant for both models tested. This suggests that the study results may not be generalized to children. Clinical relevance and discriminatory value of elevated liver aminotransferase levels for dengue severity.

Because a linear relationship with time lags is more likely than an exponential relationship, I chose to retain the linear model for the remainder of the tests.Dengue fever is gaining importance in Singapore with an increase in the number of cases and mortality in recent years.

Although prolonged and saddleback fever have been reported in dengue fever, there are no specific studies on their significance in dengue.

Laboratory Guidance and Diagnostic Testing

This study aims to examine the prevalence. Dengue fever is caused by a virus from the family Flavviviridae; four serotypes are distinguished by serological methods, dengue-1, dengue-2, dengue-3, and dengue All four serotypes have been found in the Americas, however only serotypes 1, 2, and 4 circulated in.

The Significance of Prolonged and Saddleback Fever in Hospitalised Adult Dengue

Because no specific medicine and vaccines are available to treat dengue fever and dengue hemorrhagic fever, entomological surveillance and its significance can be used to halt the outbreak of dengue as shown in this study. Dengue fever is an infectious viral disease caused by the biteof infected mosquitoes.

Symptoms are sudden onset of high fever, severe headache, extremejoint pain (thus the ver nacular name, bone. Knowledge, Awareness and Practices Regarding Dengue Fever among the Adult Population of Dengue Hit Cosmopolitan Awareness and Practices Regarding Dengue Fever among the Adult Population of Dengue Hit Cosmopolitan a p-value of.

Laboratory Guidance and Diagnostic Testing Recommend on Facebook Tweet Share Compartir Dengue can be diagnosed by isolation of the virus, by serological tests, or by molecular methods.

Significance of the study dengue
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