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We now understand the fundamental difference between these populations to be age, and that the differences in the types of stars, their chemical composition, and their distribution in the Galaxy, are all related to their ages.


While globulars are strongly concentrated toward the center of the Galaxy, some are found at very large distances from the galactic center. In most clusters all stars have very similar chemical compositions, but the composition differs from cluster to cluster.

Such age differences could tell us how long it took the Galaxy to contract from the original spherical cloud to a thick disk, and how Stars these essays are the thick-disk phase lasted.

Have they always been glowing, or are they born like humans, and thus will they die? Therefore one can begin to understand the stars by understanding what fusion is, how it affects the life of a star, and what happens to a star when fusion can no longer occur. The Stars these essays are continues to grow into a super-giant, raising the core temperature so high that in what"s known as a helium flash, the helium core fuses into carbon.

Scientists have only determined these facts from the information they now have. These clusters are also in orbit around the galactic center, of course, but their orbits are more nearly circular and are oriented near the galactic plane.

Generally, there are three classes of stars which can form: What keeps the stars burning? The stars in globular clusters have been found to differ in chemical composition from most stars in the galactic disk in that globular cluster stars are depleted in heavy elements metal poor by factors ranging from at least 2 up to This causes a temporary pause to the fusion in the core, allowing gravity to compress it.

It remains this way for almost a million years. With a mass of two to five times that of the sun, the core of these stars rise to several million degrees Kelvin, bringing the surface temperature to approximately 6, degrees.

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As a consequence, for most astronomers the working definition of a globular cluster now concentrates more on the age of a cluster than on its richness, and a few are quite sparse. Pershing wanted a newspaper written by servicemen for the soldiers on the battlefront.

Buy essay online at a reasonable price Get-essay. Once the core has changed to helium, the heat from it"s compression causes the star to double in size. For centuries, humankind has looked at the stars, and for just as many years humankind has tried to explain the existence of those very same stars.

Such investigations have revealed that the orbits of halo globulars are not at all circular, but are generally quite elongated, and are oriented essentially at random.

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The triple-alpha process, the last known variety, is perhaps one of the simplest fusion reactions to understand. The outer limit for normal halo clusters seems to be about kpc from the Galactic center, though a few globulars are also found between about 60 and kpc from the center.

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Below find various essays on stars and constellations, written with the love of the night sky, which looks down upon us as it did for our ancestors thousands of years before. Listed first by article, then by constellation. The Stars and Stripes was published in France by the American Expeditionary Forces (AEF) of the United States Army from February 8,to June 13, Articles and Essays; Featured Content Listen to this page.

About this Collection These were distributed by the American Red Cross." Photograph. These systems contain old metal-poor stars similar to those in globular clusters, and have masses comparable to the most massive globulars, but are different in that the star density within each system is very low compared.

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We hope these essays inspire you as you prepare to compose your own personal statements. sprinkled like distant stars across the expanse of her round cheeks, only accentuated her childlike features and added to the soft feel of the photo.


Stars these essays are
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