Usf psychology honors thesis

First and most important is that it tells you whether you like research and are good at it. Guidelines for Selection Clinical faculty will select one or more incoming clinical graduate students for this award. If funding amounts allow, awards can be given to multiple eligible USF undergraduate students and first year clinical psychology students.

If you have enjoyed teaching, we encourage you to apply for this award. Projects that involve students from other areas working with an I-O student as collaborators are welcome.

Current Students

Additionally, this in-laboratory study was designed in an effort to demonstrate criterion validity for the Fanhood Measure. In MaySamantha successfully proposed her honors thesis before her faculty committee, which included: Graduate students from all areas of psychology are eligible to apply.

The entrant must provide a letter of support from his or her research adviser; the letter should specify the date that the research product was completed. Second, it teaches you skills that will be useful in many careers and graduate programs.

The degree to which the research has produced findings that have high levels of validity i. In sum, the Professor Paul E. The purpose of the award is two fold: The entrant should also provide a copy of the entire research product. Providing study of biological, social, developmental and cognitive bases of health and human behavior.

This portfolio should be no longer than 30 pages and contain a statement of your teaching philosophy and items such as syllabi, teaching materials you developed, course evaluations, and evidence of efforts to improve your teaching effectiveness e.

If you have had a faculty member observe and evaluate your classroom teaching, please have this person write a letter.

Psychology Department Awards and Scholarships

Thus, the Spielberger Award will be used as a stipend enhancement in order to make the admissions offer more competitive. The name of the entrant, current mailing address, phone number, and e-mail address should appear on the title page of the application.

These skills include thinking critically, writing and revising, presenting your work orally, and analyzing empirical data. Furthermore, scores on the Fanhood Measure significantly moderated effort exerted on the essay task by feedback condition, whereas scores on a face-to-face contact measure did not serve as a significant moderator when the variance shared with the Fanhood Measure was accounted for.

Our graduates will demonstrate a conceptual understanding of advanced psychology and contribute intellectually to the field. This follow-up study consisted of a readministration of the Fanhood Measure to participants who had previously completed the laboratory session, and served to assess test-retest reliability for the Fanhood Measure.

For students in both thesis and non-thesis options, elective courses in the domains of experimental and applied psychology, data analysis, infant-family mental health, ethics and cultural competence, and other basic and applied areas round out coursework requirements for the degree.

Honors Program

Results of the study found that, consistent with revised hypotheses, participants whose fandom identity was affirmed via false feedback on a test of fandom knowledge and personality exerted significantly more effort on the subsequent domain-related essay task than participants who received threatening feedback.For students in both thesis and non-thesis options, elective courses in the domains of experimental and applied psychology, health psychology, infant-family mental health, cultural competence, and other basic and applied areas round out coursework requirements for the degree.

Psychology Department Awards and Scholarships *Please turn in all required materials to Jennifer Johnson (including participation in the Psychology Department's Honors Program) and in the outside community Research will be supervised by a USF psychology faculty member.

*All applications should be turned into Jennifer Johnson. GPA in psychology and overall GPA are or higher. Completion of PSYC Thesis Development Seminar and Honors Thesis Seminar.

Honors Students' Theses

Oral presentation PSYC and PSYC are a two-course sequence for high achieving and highly motivated psychology majors, which will give them hands-on experience. Honors Program For students interested in conducting a thesis or participating in the psychology department honors program.

There are many reasons to conduct a thesis. Honors Thesis In SpringSamantha was accepted into the USF Psychology Departmental Honors Program, and, in coordination with USF Honors College, Samantha began working on her undergraduate honors thesis Media Fandom: The Role of Identity under the supervision of her mentor Vanessa Hettinger, M.A.

Thesis. Here you find a sample of Honors Theses completed in the past semesters. Check them out and get a better understanding of .

Usf psychology honors thesis
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