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While I believed that life is the manifestation of our choices, conveniently all of my choices were condoned by my community.

I have met countless Womens bean project at the Bean Project who have faced seemingly insurmountable odds of fear and shame and lack of self-worth. Outside Colorado, see http: That the women transform their lives in just nine months is inspiring and incredible to witness.

It is a business, one that packages and sells bean soup mixes and other dry food products to stores across the US and online. Preparing women for the job market one bean at a time. The Womens bean project they have on their participants is truly life changing.

As someone who grew up with a lot of opportunity, I thought anything was possible in America.

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Each of the packages includes a tag with the name of the person who packed it, which is a nice touch. It was easy for me to think this way because I had never met felons or addicts or welfare recipients.

The notion that the better the business performed, the more women could be helped enhanced my interest. I believed that if we worked hard, society worked with us to help us succeed.

And it all started with beans.

Women’s Bean Project

You can buy single items or gift baskets directly from the company, and several local stores also carry some of the products. They are disenfranchised from the community in every sense. Never miss another interview!

They come to the Bean Project for a chance to create new lives out of the rubble theirs have become. They are convicted felons, recovering addicts, victims of domestic violence.

Meet the people behind the program. I have also learned about the resiliency of the human spirit. They won by popular vote which recognized Denver-based organizations with exceptional commitments to innovation, education and entrepreneurism. Its soup and salsa mixes, organic fair trade coffee and handcrafted, limited-edition jewelry can be ordered online at WomensBeanProject.

Also on the packaging is the phone number and web address of the project, in case you have any questions.

Women's Bean Project

Women also attend weekly life skills classes on goal setting, budgeting, and empowerment that promote self-confidence and responsibility. These are normal ingredients that are premeasured and packaged to save you a few steps.

Participants earn a steady wage as they learn basic job readiness skills like attendance, teamwork, attention to detail, problem solving and positive attitude.

Many were teenage mothers and high school drop outs. Freshly posted at 7: The women are given jobs so they have an immediate income while they learn skills that will help them find and keep future employment.

Would you like your gifts to benefit someone other than mega-companies in foreign lands? Over time I have learned that the circumstance faced by our employees are not merely because they have chosen incorrectly, but because they had not role models for employment, no one pushing them to stay in school, no one discouraging them from getting pregnant as teens.

So far, we sampled the black bean soup, the bean soup, and the cornbread mix, and all of them were very good, and the recipes were simple to follow.

Additionally, their training also includes computer workshops, mock interviews and job search techniques that are crucial to becoming gainfully employed.

Do you want to send some Colorado products to friends and family elsewhere? But tucked inside this business is a human services organization designed to provide a safe and accepting work environment where impoverished women can learn the skills required for gainful employment.

And do you want to buy those products locally? We make and sell bean products to hire women.Get directions, reviews and information for Women's Bean Project in Denver, CO.

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Women’s Bean Project – Where a Woman Earns Her Future

K likes. The mission of Women's Bean Project is to change women's lives by providing stepping stones to /5(66). Women's Bean Project | SinceWomen's Bean Project has been dedicated to helping women break the cycle of poverty and unemployment through a transitional job.

Women’s Bean Project is a place where chronically unemployed and impoverished women come for a second chance in life. Most of the women who arrive at the Bean Project have never held a job longer than a year.

Product Description Women's Bean Project Mix Soup Lntl Gda. A tasty soup made from bits of.

Womens bean project
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